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Microsoft Office Professional 2007 Full Version Inc’s Word Excel etc – 5 PC’s


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This is the “Professional Plus” version of Office 2007. There are 2
differences verses the non ‘Plus’ version. It includes Infopath and
it was distributed as a Volume Edition (VL) not a Retail version. Volume
Editions allow for the reimaging (copying) of the original software to other
media such as CD’s or USB drives. Since this is a VL edition you will receive a
reimaged disc not a Microsoft logo’d Retail disc with COA. 
Please read the Q&A section for more detail.



Microsoft Office Excel 2007 

Microsoft Office Word 2007 

Microsoft Office Publisher 2007 

Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 

Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 

Microsoft Access 2007 

InfoPath 2007 


You will receive a CD
disk with the installation software and a valid product key – 
100% Guaranteed Activation! This includes the “original installation software” on a CD and “genuine product key” which you must enter for activation but
 “does not come with
the original CD or Box”


If you would like I can
also send you a download link for the software so you can download it directly
to your PC and install it while waiting for the CD but be sure to send me a
‘separate message’ indicating so – use ‘Contact
The download will be sent to the email address
you have registered with eBay (not eBay messages).
You will still receive the CD by mail.


Over 4000 sold
– see member feedback for reviews.


The product key is good
for 5 installations on 5 different computers.


XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 & 10 



Ebay Copyright Legality Notice.

This is not an OEM or
FPP (Retail) version of software. It is a Volume License product and as such
gives licensed customers the right to reimage the software. It is not a
copyright violation. The Professional Plus and Enterprise editions were
actually never distributed as an OEM or Retail product.

“Reimaging is the
copying of software onto multiple devices from one standard image. Reimaging
rights are granted to all Microsoft Volume Licensing customers.”


Here are some commonly
asked Questions to help you out.


Q. Where did you get the product?

A. This is left over inventory from my computer
store that I closed several years ago.


Q. Is this a “bootleg” copy?

A. No. Reimaging rights are granted to all Microsoft Volume
Licensing customers.


Q. Does it come with the pictured box?

A. No. The box in the photo is a generic picture. It does not
come with a box or original CD.


Q. Is the Product Key a trial/subscription

A. No. It is a permanent license for the lifetime
of the computer that you install it on and it is the full version not an


Q. Is there a COA?

A. No. Only Retail versions have COA and MS
logo’d disc. This is a volume license product.


Q. Can I use windows update?

A. Yes. Windows will automatically find and
install updates.


Q. Are there any compatibility issues with other
versions of office?

A. If you have Office 2003, Office XP or another
version of Office 2007 you will need to uninstall it first.


Q. If I encounter any issues may I contact you
for assistance?

A. Yes. I’m a semi-retired Computer Tech. 



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