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Product Detail:

Why Do My Clients Need It?

Web hosting is the blah, blah, blah. Just kidding. I probably don't need to explain to you what web hosting is. You know. Your list probably already knows what web hosting is and that they need it.

Since your list already knows that they need web hosting, you just need to tell them why they need Lifetime.Hosting.

In a nutshell, Lifetime.Hosting simply means the customer will pay one time for their hosting. We will continue to host their websites as long as they like.

We've got some really smart people, doing really complicated math, factoring in all kinds of important information such as lifetime value of a customer, monthly churn, hardware cost projections, end user support costs and more. We take all of that information and we've come up with a price that we can charge one time to ensure we can provide the perpetual hosting and make a bit of profit.
What's New in Lifetime.Hosting

Mobile / Responsive Builder

With our Mobile / Responsive builder, you build your website once and it's optimized for desktop, laptop, tablets, phablets and phones. Stop re-inventing the wheel. Build once and display anywhere.

3x as Many Free Domains

We now provide three lifetime domain registrations with privacy on every base package. A $119.85 value over our regular price and save hundreds over recurring domain name registrations and privacy.

$395 in Advertising Credits

Drive traffic to your website. $50 Bing, $50 Amazon Sponsored Product, $20 Bidvertiser,
$100 Perfect Audience Retargeting, $100 Youtube ($25 deposit), $75 Google Adwords ($25 deposit)*
Front End – Lifetime Hosting
Bronze 1 for $14.95 – includes hosting for 1 website, 250 mb storage. (Early Bird Save $5)
Silver 4 for $37 – includes hosting for 4 website, 4 gb storage. (Early Bird Save $10)
Platinum 12 for $67 – includes hosting for 12 websites, 12 gb storage. (Early Bird Save $20)
OTO1 – Triple Up
$14.95 – $67 – We will triple their resources for the same price they paid on the front end. (Early Bird Save $5 – $20)
OTO2 – Add-on Bundle
Platinum $77 -Includes unlimited lifetime SSL certificates, lifetime priority backup & recovery, white glove cPanel migration and 6 lifetime domains with lifetime domain privacy (a $339.40 value) (Early Bird Save $20).
OTO2 Downsell – Add-on Bundle
Silver $37 – Includes unlimited lifetime SSL certificates, lifetime priority backup & recovery and 1 lifetime domain with lifetime domain privacy (a $119.85 value) (Early Bird Save $10).
OTO3 – Lifetime Hosting Reseller
Reseller 20 for $97 – resell 20 Silver 4 packages ($1,998 value)
Reseller 50 for $197 – resell 50 Silver 4 packages ($5,995 value)
Reseller 100 for $297 – resell 100 Silver 4 packages ($11,920 value)
OTO3 Downsell – Lifetime Hosting Reseller 3-Pay
Reseller 20 for 3 monthly payments of $37 (total $111) – resell 20 Silver 4 packages ($1,998 value)
Reseller 50 for 3 monthly payments of $77 (total @231) – resell 50 Silver 4 packages ($5,995 value)
Reseller 100 for 3 monthly payments of $117 (total $351) – resell 100 Silver 4 packages ($11,920 value)
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Lifetime Hosting No More Monthly Fees!

Lifetime Hosting By Richard Madison


Hello and welcome to this article about Lifetime.Hosting.  It is a new concept in hosting.  Instead of paying month after month, we charge you once.  A single one time payment.  Our parent company has been providing web hosting for over 14 years.  6 different companies.


Lifetime.Hosting has shared web hosting for over 50,000 customers.  This includes premium brands that sell shared hosting for as much as $720/year and our value brands sell for as little as $24year.  Just one of our companies has generated over $5,700,000 since it started.


Lifetime.Hosting has been providing 24×7 technical support for over 13 years and providing live support for 12 years.  Our customers have experienced every type of install.config and troubleshooting issue you can imagine.


Here are just a few of the powerful features:  Up to 12 websites, including up to 12GB of ssd-optimized storage.  Not only have we invested heavily in our enterprise cloud infrastructure, we integrate best of breed software.


Including cloudlinux, litespeed webserver and mariadb to ensure the fastest loading websites.  Unlimited email accounts, cpanel control panel, free website builder, applications and tools, enterprise RAID storage and unlimited 24/7 support.


If you would like to find out more about this amazing opportunity then please click the following link here –

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