Learn how to be a professional video Marketer!


Online video marketing is becoming a popular venue for people to pitch their products and business opportunities. Our lives are becoming more hectic and we are the masters of multi-tasking. So, if you want to get the attention of the general public, you need to be fast. And, if you want people to remember the information you are promoting, you need it to be memorable.

A website describing a product is a good way to advertise and explain your next latest and greatest idea; however online video marketing will a put a picture in someone’s mind. People will stay on a web page for a brief period of time but they will allow a video to keep playing even if they have moved on to something else. An impression is made in seconds and that impression will be clearer if someone has an image to keep in mind.

If you are selling a pen, a majority of the world will know what to do with it. However if you are pitching a business idea, you may need several minutes to get the main idea out in the open. A video will make an explanation easier to follow.

It takes a lot of money to make a commercial for television. You have to hope and pray your commercial does not end up running in the wee hours of the morning in between the commercial for penis extension and the next greatest diet control pill. Online video marketing gives you all the control you need.

You Tube has become a great platform for online advertisements. You can produce a video of good quality with a wealth of information for less than a thousand dollars. If you do not have a lot of money, try not to compromise on the quality of your video.

Spending the extra money to buy a good quality camera that allows you to record your video in high definition will be worth every extra dollar. If you do not take the time and money to invest in a presentation that you believe in, why should people want to invest in your idea?

Try to get your video out on as many web pages as you can. You Tube is only one stop for your video. Offer to allow someone else to advertise on your web page in return for giving you space on their website. Research other ways to get your online marketing video out to the masses. You could have the best and most entertaining video out there but if no one sees it, that really does not matter.

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Learn how to be a professional internet Marketer
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Learn how to be a professional video Marketer!


When chiropractors are starting to get into web 2.0 chiropractic marketing, they typically have a lot of questions about making videos and converting them. Here, I will lay down a blueprint that has worked really well for me in the past couple years so that you can get on the fast-track to success.

Web 2.0 chiropractic marketing shouldn’t be a hassle, like some people initially believe. When you have the right advice and proper hand to guide you, you can brand your practice more successfully than any of the competitors in your area.

Step 1 – Getting right down to business, you need to bring a video camera to your office and make a short video that gives the prospective patient a tour and introduction. It’s important to be as natural as possible and to not sound scripted. Pretend as though you’re speaking to the patient or to a close friend, as this will create warmth and comfort. Simply keep in mind that real people are watching this video, looking for answers, and evaluating whether or not they can trust you.

Step 2 – Now, you need to upload your video to your computer so that you can begin the simple compression of the video file. Windows Movie Maker is how I like to compress my video, as often the file is too big for sharing sites like YouTube, Metacafe, Yahoo, DailyMotion or Viddler.

Step 3 – When your video file is compressed, then you’re ready to begin editing the video itself. If you own a PC, Windows Movie Maker is the editing program of choice. If you have a MAC, you’ll be using the iMovie feature. There should be video tutorials that help you in this process, and the finished video will look professional after you have edited it. This is very important to create credibility and class.

Step 4 – Once the video is edited it’s ready to be presented and shared on sites like YouTube for the maximum amount of viewer potential. There are 60+ video sharing sites that can showcase your video and help to increase the ranking of your material and put your online chiropractic marketing on steroids. Think about getting 5 views per day on YouTube, and then think about getting the same on over 60 other sharing sites as well! Now that’s viral viewing and propagation at its best.

When you start to making these chiropractic marketing videos at least once or twice a week, and add patient testimonials on top of that, then your internet presence will soar in no time. Chiropractic marketing using Web 2.0 is no longer a hidden technique. It’s become essential in 2009, and more doctors are taking notice. The longer you delay, the more you’ll get behind the potential gains that so many other chiropractors are relishing.

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Learn how to be a professional internet Marketer
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Learn how to be a professional video Marketer!


It’s no secret that video marketing is all the rage today. If you think I’m kidding, take a look at a little site by the name of YouTube. I think it’s ranked something like number 2 or 3 right now. The marketing videos at YouTube and other video sharing sites are rampant. And just as with article marketing, video marketing can put a lot of greenbacks in your pocket if you know what you’re doing. This article is going to provide you with three killer video marketing tips that you can take to the bank.

At the very top of the tip list is this…be outrageous. The last thing people want to watch is some boring video of you sitting in front of your camera talking about the hot Internet marketing topic of the day. They’re going to tune you out like yesterday’s news. You want to do something that’s original and off the wall. For example, you could do some mock phone calls from well known “gurus” who are just begging to see what you’re next product is going to be. Naturally, you can’t use any full names in this without their permission but you can certainly allude to things. Just make them subtle. Point is…be different.

Next tip…don’t be cheap. Look, I know there are free solutions out there for making videos, but trust me on this, if you use them, your videos are going to look like amateur productions. If you’re going to do this, do it right. Get professional equipment and software. Make sure you have the proper lighting. Buying lights isn’t going to cost you an arm and a leg. And when you get a video camera, make sure it comes with a clip on mic. The sound quality of your video is actually MORE important than the video itself.

Finally, script out your video. Look, you’re no professional actor. Okay, maybe some of you are, but most Internet marketers are not. They can’t just get up in front of a camera and wing it. They’re going to make tons of mistakes. So, script out your video. Rehearse it over and over until you have it just right. If you can spring for a teleprompter, get one. This will make your life a whole lot easier. Don’t get in front of that camera until you know what you’re going to say and have it down cold. Otherwise, you’re going to come off as being amateurish.

By simply concentrating on being original and entertaining, getting the right equipment, and scripting out your videos, you’ll find that they turn out a lot more professional and in the process end up making you a lot more money from your efforts.

To YOUR Success,

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Learn how to be a professional internet Marketer
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Learn how to be a professional video Marketer!


Using Video Marketing for small businesses is the way forward and in fact this is a means that goes beyond just some teens making use of videos to share their exploits and it is also beyond seeing authors who use videos to showcase their book trailers. With the help of well made videos it is now possible to offer very cheap and even free opportunities to small businesses to effectively promote their businesses and also help make their businesses run more smoothly.

A typical use for Video Marketing for small businesses can be seen in the case of home organizer entrepreneurs that wish to improve their client base in metropolitan areas. As everyone knows, a picture can say and depict far more than a thousand words; so, why not make use of a video to get your message across?

This is certainly a good idea because a persons primitive brain that makes decisions for most of us will do so on the basis of contrasting options. It has in fact been found that video images and also pictures make a significant impact on this primitive brain. In fact, even a short video which may for example depict a customer that seems satisfied will give a clearer picture than any content based message.

In order to use video marketing you can create your own video and also upload it at no cost at a free video sharing website of which YouTube is a good example. Then it is necessary that you send out links to this video to all your customers and in addition you can upload the video at your website and in this way help get the message across very easily.

However, there are also many entrepreneurs that are still skeptical about using video marketing but this is because they have not understood the benefits that can be derived from using this medium to grow a small business.

All that is required is understanding the steps that need to be taken to help ensure that your videos get better rankings on, for example, YouTube searches. The same holds true in the case of Google as well.

Remember that like with any other kind of web based content you should not expect success by simply putting up the video on places like YouTube and do nothing more. You must also expend a lot of effort so as to increase brand awareness and also learn how to get more convert their viewing of your videos into sales. Only then can you get the results that will make video marketing worthwhile.

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Learn how to be a professional internet Marketer
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Learn how to be a professional video Marketer!


There are some tricks to good internet video marketing and having it rank high on the charts. The first thing you want to do before you make your video is do a little keyword research. After all don’t you want people to see your effort? If you make a video with some specific keywords in the title and through out the description, Google will like it.

Remember You Tube is owned by Google and is a gigantic search engine, the third largest in the world, and Google likes good content to offer their customers when searching for something. Your description has a lot to do with that along with your keywords.

To make a good video, I suggest getting a Flip Cam. They are inexpensive and you can up load to your computer fast and easy. Of course you can use whatever you like, I like a flip cam because the format is right for You Tube. Other videos might have to be formatted different (size etc.) It saves you time and aggravation. Think about what the video is going to be about . Identify a need and address it and then offer a solution. You want to have good lighting in your video so people can see you. When doing internet video marketing just be yourself!

That is what people want to see, the real you not some fake act. If you don’t like the first one you made just delete it and do it again. You can’t mess it up. The whole reason for internet video marketing is to personally brand yourself. When people can see you and here you and see your gestures they start feeling more at home with you and get to know you believe it or not.

After you are done simply up load to your computer and then up load onto You Tube where you can do some more magic by writing a good description with related keywords.

Internet video marketing is free and can give you massive exposure for years to come. It can help you leverage your business in a big way. Make a list of all the main video sites and up load to as many as you like for maximum exposure. Try to keep you’re video around 3 to 5 min. long. The longest most places will give you is 10 min.

So in conclusion just prepare before you shoot. Sometimes you will have the urge to go make a quick video on some subject. Go do it while it’s fresh and you can find the keywords to relate to it after wards. Just be yourself and do it over and over and you will start to like it. If you want to make it online , really make it, you need good internet video marketing to help pull it all together and help people relate to you. A email is nice, a email with a picture is nicer but a video is the best. The 5 minutes you spend making that video could pull in traffic, FREE traffic for years to come. It is an awesome free advertising tool of the 21st century so take advantage of it.

This was written by Doug Cox, business owner for 35 years and internet marketing consultant. You can read more tricks and tips about internet video marketing at my blog.

Learn how to be a professional internet Marketer
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Learn how to be a professional video Marketer!


Video Marketing is one of the best online marketing strategies you could find. It came of age after Google took over YouTube. Why? Because Google began to feature videos on lithe front page of its search engine.

This is a big advantage if you want traffic to your web site. Are you looking for a list building strategy or simply a way to sell your bizop, service or product?. You can’t do better than making a video.

Views love it; Google love it. You should too.

What’s more, it’s become easier and easier to make videos. Webcams, microphones and have come down in price. You Already have web site or blog? You’re all set to go. If not, you can easily build one with the various blog builders around.

Am I pushing Blogs? You bet. They are much easier to build and maintain and again Google like content. As you post notices on your blog, you are going to get noticed.

Here are some online marketing strategies for using video to get that much desired traffic.

Tip 1: Video Squeeze pages

A squeeze or splash page, also know as a lead capture page is the easiest page to create. You need to create a simple form. It’s likely that your web host has such a form creator. If not, simple Google free forms and you’ll find sites that will make and host the form for you. All you need on the form is a First Name and Email.

Unlike sales letters, which can be huge with a lot of detail. The squeeze page’s purpose is just to create enough interest for the potential customer to leave a name and email.

It’s wise to have a good headline and subhead and the video. If you want to add something beneath the video, keep it short, maybe just a few bullet points of what has just been said in the video.

Keep it real. An informal as compared to a professional video might be just the thing for your particular product or service. People what to know who you are and trust you, so it’s a good idea to let them see and hear you.

If you are shy, could ask a friend to make the video or you could just record a power point presentation.

Tip 2: Video Sales Pages.

There’s no rule as to how long or short a sales page can be. People want the full information before they decide to buy. So give it to them.

Your words should come from the heart. Salesy sales pages turn people off.

Don’t be stingy. You’ll want to give the benefits of your product or service, not just the features. People don’t want to know how many ingredients are in your special skin cream; they want to know how the will look and the confidence they will feel when they use it. That’s a benefit.

Tip 3. Video Testimonials

Potential customers want to know what other people, besides you, liked the product or service.

I’ve seen successful sales pages that were almost all testimonials and most on video.

You might be able to sell snake oil in print, but the voice of the user is far more convincing.

What if your business is new? You’ve had no customers. Give away products to your family and friends. Let them use it an tell you what they feel about it.

Don’t make testimonials up. People can tell when it’s a bunch of stuff written by one person.

Tip 4. The All Video Sales Page

Isn’t that what I’ve been talking about. No. This is a new trend. No printed words, Long sales videos where someone is talking about the product and its benefits and/or shows a power point presentation.

These can be an hour or an hour and a half long and sell like crazy.

I suggest you get a good speaker for this. If you want to do it yourself, start out by learning to s peak. Try Toastmasters.

It’s a great way to go, but you do need confidence for this one.

Gloria Reibin January 27, 2010

Gloria Reibin has a decade of experience in Online Marketing and keeps up with the changes. Learn more about up-to-date strategies at , http://eonlinemarketingstrategies.com For easy to build web site with splash pages, sales page and membership options, check out Optimize Press

Learn how to be a professional internet Marketer
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Learn how to be a professional video Marketer!


Videos have become an extremely important part of making money online. Many people visit sites like YouTube and search for things that they are looking for, so highly successful internet marketing campaigns usually include some type of video marketing. There are plenty of things that can be included in videos, from fancy graphics to slide show presentations to video recordings of things that have been previously used. The entire point is to get thousands of people to see the video and ultimately go back to your website, though there are plenty of other things that can happen as well.

One of the important features of YouTube is the fact that people are able to subscribe to your videos. Once they subscribe, they will be notified whenever you post a new video. This is a crucial element of internet marketing with video, as it allows you to build a list of people that want what you have to offer. That way, you will not have to wait for people to find your videos when you post them. More people will see the video quickly, and then it will have a greater chance of going viral and being seen by thousands.

There are other ways to use videos in internet marketing campaigns as well. Some have started to use them in place of sales letters and are having a lot of success with the results. This is great for those that do not like to type a great deal or do not feel that their writing skills are up to par. For others though, creating a video can seem a little intimidating. This is understandable, as there are quite a few very high quality videos out there. It is not a necessary part of being successful with marketing online, though it is becoming increasingly important.


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Learn how to be a professional internet Marketer
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Learn how to be a professional video Marketer!


We all realize that there is not a more suitable way to connect with your prospective customers than to chat with them eyeball to eyeball. Since, that is not always doable, especially with web based business, a video can do this job for you.

Video is incredibly personal, and at the same time engrossing. Video marketing is the most beneficial way to hold your shoppers attention. Video is a refreshing and hot type of content, yielding marvellous results in terms of Web optimization.

Here, We examine a 3-step course to start up with creating an effortless video online marketing strategy, which may help you to build your commercial enterprise.


You have two solutions to get video on your web page: host the video yourself or favor a 3rd party to accomplish it for you.

It is sensible to choose a 3rd party to host your video, as hosting yourself calls for lots of technological resources at your fingertips.

For picking a 3rd party platform, preferences are wide open: you can select from YouTube, Fligz, and Brightcove, etc.


Now that, you’ve decided how to get video on your site, the second step would be to make a decision if you would like to host the video on your web pages, the video-sharing webpages or both.

We all know that web-sites like YouTube, DailyMotion etc get a lot of traffic, so posting your videos on those sites means a lot of coverage. But there are downsides too; the video clips are seen on their website, not yours.

What one can do is to put mini videos on sharing webpages and detailed ones in your internet site. This would push users to come to your web pages and view the video in its full version.


There are multiple ways to optimise your video internet marketing strategy.

Showcase your brand with the video; give relevant names to your video files for much better Search engine optimization; put captions to your videos and create powerful content.

Click this link to learn about video marketing strategy tips that can boost your traffic to the fullest potential! By C.J Pennington

Learn how to be a professional internet Marketer
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Learn how to be a professional video Marketer!


Many Doylestown businesses want to use internet video marketing as they know it is becoming a must-have marketing strategy today. Unfortunately, many don’t exactly know how internet video marketing works or how they can get started. Additionally, they are not sure what content to put in the videos to make them the most effective.

Consumer Trends
First, its important to take a look at the shift in consumer behavior. There is a New Media revolution going on with online video today. There are 26 billion online videos viewed per month alone in the U.S. and they make up 60% of all internet traffic. This has impacted the internet landscape so much so, that YouTube is now the #4 Search Engine. Part of this shift is due to the Mobile
Media Revolution: the mobile phone market. There are four times as many mobile phone users as internet users today and 30% of phones use high speed data services to access the internet. Phones like iPhone, BlackBerry and Android being the most popular.

Paradigm Shift.
This is a huge paradigm shift and if you are a Doylestown business owner you need to be where your customers’ eyeballs are: online and on their phones. Let’s look at the Dark Ages before 2004. There was no YouTube, Facebook or Twitter. In 2004, Facebook came on the scene and today it has 500 million active users. That’s more than the population of the United States. In 2005, YouTube was born and today it’s serving 2 billion videos a day. According to YouTube statistics, every minute 24 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube. Twitter only started in 2006 and today there are 50 million tweets a day! People are on the internet and on mobile media looking at videos, sharing information and finding products and services.

New Media for Local Marketing.
Many businessmen and businesswomen who want to participate in New Media may wonder if new media works locally? The answer is an emphatic “yes”. More that 30% of all internet searches are local and include their location in the search. Google will even give you local search results even if you are not specifically asking for them. If you do a local internet search for products or services and add the town or city, Google will generate a list of the most popular links. On the top of the page in the shaded box and on the right hand column it will show the paid ads. Sometimes the results will include Google Maps and video thumbnails. Statistically, videos will get a higher click rate that plain text links and optimized videos can continue to come up in Google searches month after month after month.

Internet Video Marketing Strategy.
Internet video marketing starts with the video production and then distribution. Doylestown businesses should work with a professional internet video marketer as they will use Video SEO (search engine optimization) to have the internet videos rank well on local searches. What is the use of spending time and money producing videos if no one will find them or if they do not come up on local searches? Optimized videos will be found by their target market on local searches for the specific search keywords.

Video Content.
Videos that give great, relevant content to the viewer are more easily shared and have greater longevity on internet searches. Doylestown businesses should make short 1-3 minute videos that solve the viewers’ problems or answer the businesses’ most frequently asked questions. For example, a dentist could make a video with advice on how to maintain a whitened smile 30% longer. A chiropractor can show how to decrease back pain in-between visits. A restaurant can do a quick video on how to prepare one of their unique recipes. The ideas are endless as long as they provide valuable information to the consumer, and that consumer will share that video if they like it.

The shift in consumer behavior can be a great boon to businesses who can easily tap into the internet and use internet video to market, promote, brand and expose their business. The competition for video search results is low right now and those businesses who start distributing videos for internet video marketing will be way ahead of their business competition and on their way to impacting their local consumers.

Dianna Conlon Helm is a web video marketing specialist who resides in Doylestown, Bucks County, PA. She helps businesses solidify their brand and increase their exposure through the massive power of internet video syndication. She uses the powerful Traffic Geyser system and is part of the Traffic Geyser community to stay on top of the video marketing industry and its changes.

Learn how to be a professional internet Marketer
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Learn how to be a professional video Marketer!


Some people would see it as sad that most people today would rather watch a how-to video on how to repair a dishwasher than read the instructions on the screen or on paper. And people would rather watch a video on the history of the civil war rather than sit down for any extended period of time to read a book on the subject. It is sad, but it’s true.

We, as the human race, have developed extremely short attention spans. It started with TV and flipping through the channels with the remote control and it evolved into the internet going from site to site. We want information and we want it now. But we only want the bits we’re interested in.

If there’s a long article online, there had better be bullet points to identify whether or not it’s relevant to what I’m looking for. And if it’s a book, it had better have subheadlines so that I can identify the chapter to read. The bottom line is that we’re lazy. But that’s actually good news for video marketing. If people would rather see a video, it’s your job to give it to them. But you have to use your network marketing skills, along with a few social networking tips, to really make your videos hit home for your prospects.

It’s All About You

When we speak of you, we don’t mean the person making the video. We mean you, the audience. If you want people to stick with your video, you need to make it about the viewer and his/her problems. Otherwise, they couldn’t give a darn. They don’t care about anyone but themselves.

If you were to examine the analytics on a video where a guy talked about himself and his own experiences for thirty seconds, and then you saw the stats on another video where a guy made the experiences personal for the video, you’d likely see a better conversion rate on the second guy’s video. That’s because web surfers are selfish. That’s not a bad statement. It’s not saying anything bad about anyone. But it’s a true statement and it’s one that you have to keep in mind when using video marketing.

Heartstring Tugging

If you don’t appeal to your viewer’s emotions when video marketing, your video won’t get you the results you’re hoping for. Your viewers have to be personally invested. For example, if you are selling a weight loss product, your video had better talk about the viewer and their experiences. You’d better say things like, “If you are like I was a year ago, you feel fatter than you ever have before. You feel inferior to everyone else and you feel downright depressed that you can’t lose weight no matter what you try.”

See, it’s all about the viewer. When you can get into the viewer’s head, and you can repeat their own thoughts back to them, that’s when you’ll have a winning video marketing campaign. The way you can deliver that perfect video that speaks directly to everyone who views it is to conduct social networking experiments using Facebook, Twitter and other network marketing sites. Just listen to what your niche’s audience wants, and use your videos to respond to those needs. People will think you are psychic, and that’s what great video marketing is all about.

Easther Sudharta Internet Entrepreneur,  Aussie IT Coordinator-passion 4 travel & teaching u develop Online Game Plan to achieve your financial & lifestyle goals,

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Learn how to be a professional internet Marketer
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