Persuasive Techniques – Three Techniques That Can Make You Instantly Attractive to the Opposite Sex

Persuasive Techniques are a cornerstone in success. Because we communicate everyday it is important to make those communications harmonious in order to avoid the pain and conflict of miscommunication. You may see someone always having a good time, having plenty of friends and getting any girl he wants. He may not look attractive and he may not have a lot of money but what it is that makes him attractive? In this article I will reveal three of the many traits that can make you irresistibly attractive.

Let people talk about themselves

When you first meet someone it is almost instinctive that you go into a conversation talking about yourself, your goals, and achievements and how great you are as a person. This is not a good technique for being persuasive because people will only like you when you like them. And how do you get people to like you? By asking questions and letting people talk about themselves. So if you’re trying to convince the opposite sex that your worth of another date, sell a product to a new client always focus on their needs first and as a result your needs will be taken care of.

Do not speak about sensitive subjects

Sensitive subjects include politics, religion and past relationships. Subjects such as politics are best left alone because they are views that are based on beliefs and beliefs usually take years to change so despite how good your argument is that candidate a is better than candidate b keep it to yourself. The same rule applies to religion because people have been brought up with certain values for years and they will not be changing those values overnight.

Appropriate Dress

Appropriate dress refers to dressing according to the setting you will be in. Wearing a suit and tie combo to a basketball game is inappropriate for the setting and uncomfortable. If you are going to a high end restaurant widely known that you must dress more formally to blend in with those around. In order to appear more persuasive to others around us we must take on the appropriate dress code of the place we are attending.

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