Israel top court hears case against Netanyahu coalition deal

Israel’s Supreme Court is hearing arguments against the legality of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s coalition deal with his formal rival

Israel’s Supreme Court was hearing arguments Monday against the legality of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s coalition deal with formal rival Benny Gantz, a day after it deliberated on whether the longtime leader could head a government while indicted on serious crimes.

The court’s ruling, expected by the end of the week, will dictate whether Israel breaks out of its prolonged political paralysis with Netanyahu and Gantz joining forces in government, or whether the country is plunged into its fourth consecutive election in just over a year.

The extremely rare live broadcast proceedings are also shaping up as a dramatic climax to Netanyahu’s campaign against the Israeli legal establishment.

Netanyahu and his allies have long considered the high court a liberal bastion that overreached its boundaries to meddle in political affairs, accusing it of undermining the will of the people as expressed in national elections. His opponents regard the court as the final safeguard of Israeli democracy that has been under dangerous assault from demagogic populists.

An unusually large panel of 11 justices, all wearing face masks and separated by plastic barriers, were hearing the case against the emerging coalition.

After deadlocking in three closely contested election campaigns, Netanyahu and Gantz reached a deal last month in which they would be sworn in together for an emergency government to battle the coronoavirus and its economic fallout.

The deal calls for Netanyahu to serve first as prime minister and Gantz as the designated premier, with the two swapping posts after 18 months. The new position will enjoy all the trappings of the prime minister, including an official residence and — key for Netanyahu — an exemption from a law that requires all public officials, except a prime minister, to resign if charged with a crime.

The court will be asked to rule on this arrangement — and there is a sense of urgency as Thursday marks the deadline for presenting a new government before new elections are called.

Zeev Elkin, a Cabinet minister from Netanyahu’s Likud party, warned that any court intervention could trigger a highly unpopular election.

“The coalition agreement is very complex. Moving a single brick could bring the entire structure down and force fourth elections,” Elkin told Israel’s Army Radio.

Attorney Dafna Holtz-Lechner, who represents one of the petitioners, countered that oversight was required precisely because “someone charged with criminal offenses is also the person who concocted the coalition agreement with all its repercussions for himself.”

Netanyahu has been charged with fraud, breach of trust and accepting bribes in a series of scandals in which he is accused of offering favors to media moguls in exchange for favorable press coverage. He denies the accusations and says he is the victim of a media-orchestrated witch hunt. His trial was postponed in March due to restrictions his hand-picked interim justice minister placed on the courts after the coronavirus crisis erupted. It is now scheduled to start later this month.

Netanyahu is eager to remain in office throughout his trial, using his position to lash out at the judicial system and rally support among his base. The coalition deal also gives him influence over key judicial appointments, creating a potential conflict of interest during an appeals process if he is convicted. Netanyahu’s attorneys, though, say he will refrain from getting involved in anything pertaining to his own case.

Israel’s attorney general, Avichai Mandelblit, said in an opinion to the court that while Netanyahu’s indictments “raise significant problems,” there was no legal basis for barring him from serving while facing criminal charges. But good governance groups have appealed against this, citing the precedent of forcing Cabinet ministers and mayors to resign if indicted.

Airlines working to ensure thousands of parked planes are ready to fly again

ABC News Corona Virus Economic Impacts

More than 3,000 planes are parked nationwide.

The number of air travelers is down more than 90% in the U.S. due to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the TSA — but U.S. airlines are gearing up.

Carriers’ maintenance teams are spending countless hours to ensure their planes are ready to take to the skies when demand picks back up again.

U.S. airlines have been forced park to more than 3,000 planes nationwide, according to Airlines for America (A4A), an industry trade organization that represents major U.S. airlines.

United Airlines has placed 70 aircraft into storage alone at Dulles International Airport, one of the airline’s hubs.

“It’s not like parking your car,” Travis Allee, a Tech Ops Supervisor for the carrier, told ABC News.

While on the ground, each aircraft undergoes extensive checks to maintain its systems. This includes covering up the engines to keep wildlife from nesting inside aircraft, and running the air conditioning system to evacuate humidity and moisture from the cabin.

Fuel is even kept in the planes to maintain ballast in the event of a wind storm.

These checks can occur every seven, 14, or 30 days depending on the aircraft type.

“An aircraft has a lot more components to it than your standard automobile does,” Allee said. “You don’t have flight controls or a hydraulic system on your car.”

Allee says this work is critical because “there is no side of the road to pull over to at 30,000 feet.”

The airlines have taken an unprecedented financial hit due to COVID-19, and United CEO Oscar Munoz said in an internal letter to employees that even when travel demand starts to “inch back,” it “likely will not bounce back quickly.”

But when that demand does increase, Allee believes the tasks him and his team perform every week will ensure that the transition back to the tarmac is “quick and smooth.”

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  • Tracking the spread in the U.S. and worldwide: Coronavirus map
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    Could Bidens barnstorm through vulnerable districts be a test of things to come?

    As he introduced one of the youngest Democrats running for Congress to a crowd of more than 1,000 Iowans earlier this week, the power of the popular former Vice President Joe Biden’s support among his party’s base in a vulnerable district was on full display – a foreshadowing, in some ways of the 2020 speculation that will kick into overdrive on Wednesday.

    “Folks, my name is Joe Biden and I’m here because my friend Abby Finkenauer asked me to be here. She’s the best,” Biden said to a crowd of more than 1,000 people Tuesday night.

    Finkenauer, 29, is a two-term State Representative running against two-term Republican incumbent Rep. Rod Blum and is hoping that Democratic enthusiasm and the district’s purple past could help her flip Iowa’s 1st Congressional District.

    Biden made a campaign swing through the Midwest. He held rallies in Ohio. Wisconsin, along with his visit to Iowa, with scheduled stops in Illinois, Missouri, North Dakota and Michigan before the week was over.

    With Election Day less than a week away, Democrats are hoping to turn vulnerable districts in the Homein their direction, including in Iowa’s 1st Congressional District, where Biden appeared on behalf of Finkenauer.

    ‘This is personal’

    Finkenauer previously served as coordinator of volunteers for Biden’s 2007 Iowa Caucus campaign. Both talk about their shared background coming from working-class families and both are hoping to convince working-class voters that the Democratic Party can deliver for them.

    Finkenauer has campaigned largely on her background, touting an ‘Iowa tough’ attitude as the daughter of a union pipefitter and welder, and someone who understands what families in the district face from her own upbringing.

    PHOTO: Democratic candidate Abby Finkenauer stands for a portrait in Dubuque, Iowa on June 4, 2018.The Washington Post via Getty Images, FILE
    Democratic candidate Abby Finkenauer stands for a portrait in Dubuque, Iowa on June 4, 2018.

    ‘She comes from really good stock. But I tell you what, she’s tough, she’s honorable, she’s serious, and she’s thoroughly authentic,” Biden said.

    Biden, now 75, pointed to the fact that Finkenauer–one of the youngest candidates running in 2018 – is the same age he was when he first won his seat in the Senate.

    “I wondered why anyone would vote for me as a 29-year-old kid for the United States Senate to win, and watching Abby, I know why they’re going to vote for her,” Biden said.

    At 29, Finkenauer would be the first congresswoman from Iowa’s 1st Congressional District and would be one of the youngest women elected to Congress, alongside Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in New York.

    At the rally Tuesday night, Finkenauer recalled the fight in the Iowa State Hometo preserve bargaining rights for union members – an effort that failed in February of 2017 – as her inspiration for taking on a Congressional run.

    “I saw the faces of those Iowans and they had tears in their eyes and so did I. And I vowed to myself in that moment this is not how we treat people in my state or in my country, and I was going to do whatever I could to get it back. So, friends, I decided to run for Congress because this is personal,” Finkenauer said.

    Sandy Hughes, who attended the rally, said that vote is part of the reason she’s voting for Finkenauer in 2018.

    “She’s listening to the people, and she’s accessible,” Hughes said. “My husband works for the school system and they voted down his bargaining rights in the state house. We just think she’s listening to the people in her district and will be more supportive of the issues we’re interested in.”

    “It’s obvious that she comes from a family who takes all those issues seriously,” said James Holmes, who lives in the district and plans to vote for Finkenauer. “Her brother [in-law] is a farmer, her dad was a union welder. I mean she’s not just making this stuff up. This is real to her.”

    State of the Race

    With less than a week to go in the 2018 midterm elections, Democrats are hopeful that the district could be one that they flip in their favor November 6th.

    Iowa’s 1st district, comprised of 20 counties in the Northeast corner of the state, has had purple past. Former President Barack Obama won every county in the district in the 2008 presidential election and 17 counties in 2012.

    But that all changed in 2016, with Trump carrying 18 counties — flipping 15 that had supported Obama in 2012.

    Though polling has been limited for the race, FiveThirtyEight’s HomeForecast gives Finkenauer a 19 in 20 chances of winning — a 95% chance.

    Finkenauer has also outraised and outspent Blum in the race. According to data from the Federal Election Commission, as of October 17th Finkenauer had raised $3.9 million and spent $3.3 million, while Blum raised $2.5 Million, spending $1.5 Million.

    But Blum has been outspent and out-fundraised before, and the campaign, citing internal and external polls, says they’ve seen a rally in the last weeks before the election that shows the race isn’t over.

    “We are proud that, despite being outspent nearly 6 to 1, Iowa voters are not for sale to the millions of dollars pouring in from Hollywood and San Francisco to run attack ads against Rep. Blum,” said Blum Campaign Spokesperson Alexah Rogue.

    And some Republicans view Biden’s visit as a sign that the race is not as safe as Democrats would like a week before Election Day, as Iowa Republican Party Spokesperson Jesse Dougherty told ABC News.

    “Joe Biden’s visit a week before Election Day isn’t a victory lap for Democrats – it’s a rescue mission because Fred Hubbell and Abby Finkenauer’s message of raising taxes isn’t resonating with Iowans,” Dougherty said. “Even after outspending Republicans in nearly every race, Democrats haven’t been able to break away and now they need Joe Biden to step in to save their losing message.”

    Finkenauer’s campaign brushed off the idea, saying the Vice President’s stop to campaign for his friends isn’t a sign of trouble—just the campaign keeping their energy up in the last week of the election.

    “We’re really excited to have him here. Everyone in the room here indicates the excitement about having him here, and it’s a fun event that’s going to reflect the energy on the ground that we’re seeing every day,” said Kate Waters, a spokesperson for the Finkenauer campaign.

    Biden in Iowa—Preview of 2020?

    Biden’s visit to Iowa also raises questions about his futures plans—and a possible 2020 run.

    Margery Tully came to the rally in her “Biden for President” shirt—a souvenir from Biden’s 2008 presidential bid.

    Tully said that she would like to see a fourth run by Biden for the presidency.

    PHOTO: Former Vice President Joe Biden, left, and Democratic Sen. Joe Donnelly speak during a rally, Oct. 12, 2018, in Hammond, Ind.Darron Cummings/AP
    Former Vice President Joe Biden, left, and Democratic Sen. Joe Donnelly speak during a rally, Oct. 12, 2018, in Hammond, Ind.

    “I think if you just boil it down, he’s just a very good man, and everything else springs from that,” Tully said. “His values are the old-fashioned values that we all believe in—family, hard work, he just embodies all the spirit of the United State, the spirit of America. And he is just amazing. I count it as one of the highlights of my life that I got to meet him and work with him.”

    Aides to Biden had previously said that Iowa would likely not be on the Vice President’s midterm travel schedule because of the hype a Biden visit to Iowa would draw.

    Despite crowds chanting ‘Run Joe run!’ while on the trail, Biden hasn’t revealed his plans beyond 2020.

    Biden has previously said that he will make his decision on a presidential bid by January, but made no direct reference to the possibility in the state that holds the first presidential contest in the country.

    Though not a candidate ‘at this point,’ Biden has cultivated a campaign message centered on fighting for the middle class, which could be crucial to winning back blue-collar Democrats who voted for President Trump in 2016.

    But while some attendees came out to the rally to see the former Vice President, that doesn’t mean he can definitely count on their vote if he does run.

    Bobbi Janssen and Chloe Howe—who made t-shirts especially for the event referencing Biden’s appearance on the NBC comedy ‘Parks and Recreation,’ both said that while Biden was a ‘delight,’ they weren’t prepared to commit to supporting Biden in 2020.

    “I think we’re focusing on our midterm elections, and then we’ll go from there,” Howe said.

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    CPA Marketing

    What is CPA Marketing? If you have actually been asking yourself this question, you have actually come to the right place. To date, there have actually been tens of thousands of individuals situated all over the globe that have actually asked this quite same question. CPA or Cost per Action Marketing has actually in reality taken the whole world by storm in the last decade. In fact, in the recent couple of years there has actually been a whopping increase in the number of people getting into this scheme. “What is it exactly?” and “Will it bring you you’re much desired cash?” are just some of the questions that will be answered so make sure you read ahead.

    This Cost per Action method of promoting goods and services is primarily used on the internet. It is otherwise known as one of the many “online advertising” methodologies available as of today. The advertiser of a product or service will only pay for such advertisements only during the fulfillment of some of the “actions” specified in the advertiser-client agreement. These actions include, but are not limited to, a product or service currently being purchased, filling out a form, visiting many websites for a minimum allotted time of usually 30 seconds, sending e-mail or electronic mail to other persons usually one’s friends and the like.

    By performing these actions, you are directly engaging yourself along with CPA Marketing. Every action that you perform will be reimbursed by the advertiser in many ways. A typical example would certainly be .25 cents for each e-mail that you send or .15 cents for each website that you visit. A good example however of these actions is the “online recruitment” method, where you persuade your friends or acquaintances to register as your subordinate or affiliate in one of the many advertising websites in the internet and you will gain a commission of .50 cents up to a dollar per head. Other examples include a commission of 2 dollars for each 500 visits in a URL or a website promoting a product or service, earning a commission by trying out a freeware or shareware program for a definite period of time and other similar types of action based earning methods.

    A person engaged in CPA Marketing will gain more profit by performing more of the specified actions in order to gain higher rates of commissions. A good opportunity can be found in gaining commissions by sending e-mails to other persons. By sending the same e-mail to at least 100 people along with the commission of .25 cents per email, you will instantly be having 25 dollars in as fast as 10 minutes. All you have actually to do is to copy and paste the same message, and you will instantly be on your way into earning 25 dollars along with no sweat at all! This is just an example, and the figures may even substantially increase if you are diligent enough in doing that specified action. Truly, this Cost per Action Marketing is one of the latest innovations and improvements into the lives of people searching for ways and means in order to be able to earn money online.