Archos 3cam Vision – The Full Review

The Archos 3cam Vision is one of Archos’ new masterpieces. The following is my review of it; I’ll explain what makes it so awesome, so you can make an educated, informed buying decision on your next MP3/MP4 player.

There are so numerous cool things about the Archos 3cam Vision that I’m going to divide this review into sections to aid you keep track of it all. Very first, Let’s talk about the design and interface of the Archos 3cam Vision.

Design and Interface

As the name implies, this MP3/MP4 player has a three? gorgeous color TFT screen at 400×200 pixels. The colors are vibrant and vivid, along with the display is crisp and clear. The touch interface is really intuitive, particularly if you’re already accustomed to using an iPhone or iPod Touch. It measures 3.82? x 2.05? x 0.35? so it is quickly small sufficient to fit inside your pocket comfortably. It weighs in at 2.26 ounces so it is comfortable to bring with you anywhere, too.

Video Camera

Video looks great on the Archos 3cam Vision’s three? crystal-clear screen. But you are not just limited to video playback; you can really record video and take still pictures too, which is super-cool in my book. It truly makes the Archos 3cam Vision a winner within the “must-have-tech” gadget category. The camera works well indoors and outdoors and saving the video and image files to your Mac or PC is dead-simple; you just plug in your Archos 3cam Vision via an included USB 2.0 High-speed cable and work within an intuitive drag and drop software interface. You are able to also transfer files from your PC or Mac to your Archos 3cam Vision making use of the exact same interface, and then playback video at any time, which looks gorgeous, doesn’t skip, and runs at a smooth framerate. Viewing images looks exceptional, too. The colors are vivid and also the image is sharp.


The Archos 3cam Vision is like musical nirvana; the sound high quality is clear and crisp. 1 really cool feature is the lyrics function, which displays the lyrics of your songs across the screen as they play. It’s awesome for finally figuring out some tough-to-understand lyrics so it is possible to sing along with your songs loud and proud. I have also found it quite helpful for learning lyrics to songs which I am working on learning to play on my guitar.

FM Radio Receiver/Transmitter

1 of the coolest features of the Archos 3cam Vision is its capability to not only tune into FM radio signals, but also to broadcast signals on any frequency. So in case you get tired of listening to your own songs, it is effortless to switch over to the radio and appreciate some new tunes. The transmitter is an extra-handy feature on road trips whenever you desire to stream music from your library wirelessly through your car radio speakers. All you need to do is choose the song (or playlist) you want to broadcast, set the broadcast frequency, and then tune your automobile radio to that frequency. You’ll instantly have wireless playback capabilities via your automobile speakers which is totally cool and convenient.

Audio Recorder

The Archos 3cam Vision comes equipped with an audio recorder that’s ideal for recording voice memos, live music at concerts, audio from a movie theater, a class lecture, a business meeting, and several other events. It can even record the radio broadcast from its own FM tuner which is genuinely distinctive and downright awesome.

Battery life & Storage Capacity

The Archos 3cam Vision has 8GB of storage space which should be good sufficient for 2,000-4,000 songs, several videos, or tens of thousands of images. Oh, it also has the capability to store and display text (.txt) files too, which opens up a whole new world of possibilities. It is possible to bring a book or other important documents on-the-go by simply converting them to text files and loading them on the Archos 3cam Vision. Battery life ranges from about 14 hours during continuous music playback to 4 hours during continuous video playback.

The Archos 3cam Vision comes packed with even more features like an adjustable equalizer, calculator, calendar, and much more. But I think you get the idea, right? It’s awesome and it’s totally jam-packed with features. I highly recommend the Archos 3cam Vision and I’m sure you’ll be absolutely delighted together with your decision to buy 1 if you choose to do so.

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