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Earth is main producer of all the hard materials in the raw form. Collecting it from the mining field in the raw form and putting into the furnace to get the molten form and later into hardware. Getting this form of metal is expensive and time taking. Solid metals like iron rods, and other utilities are made from this alloy. There are various alloys found in the earth crust and they are similarly used and manufacture into hardware and tools be it heavy machinery, construction equipments or other long and cast iron hardware.

Following are steps involved in manufacturing hardware products:

Mined materials: the material obtained on this ground is in the raw form. In the later processing this raw form of the material is used to convert into the molten form and after a definite shape is given. Furnace process: After a raw form the material is melted into the furnace and made ready for casting into metals. Refining: this process is very important where the impurities of the metals are taken out in order to make a perfect hard material. Casting: here the molten form of metal is taken out to pour into different casting dies and tools and machine parts are made. Rolling: the process converts the result of hard metal on high temperature.

Hand held tools:

1. Chisel and hammer: these are the base tool used in almost every where. The hammer and chisel is basically used to break the hard rocks. Hammer is used for blowing with a great force. It is made of fine and pure alloy of iron and the molecules of this metal is closely packed to make a great impact while blowing. There are different types of hammers found in the market to perform the different kind of job at the same time. The electric hammer, jack hammer, tack hammer, trip hammer, Air hammer, beetle brick hammer, claw hammer, carpenters hammer are some of best examples of hammers. The chisel are made pointed at one end and broad headed on the other end to get the extreme effect.

2. Hydraulic jack was made by Richard dudgeon in 1851. It has a nice form of portability and since it is called the hydraulic press. The best example of this machine is pulling jack and filter jack.

3. Some short tools that are used for tightening of nuts and bolts are basically made of fine iron and accomplish the user to make the task easy.

Tips and tactics of casting:

Before going through the manufacturing process one must design the product on the paper. After making die the process of manufacturing should start. The die should be of different requirement so that many kinds of tools can be made at the same time. This saves time and wastage of materials. In order to keep and managing time and cost of the material the supervision team should be at the place to control. One should also keep a close eye on the manufacturing budget so that the rate of the product can be decide after casting is over and putting it into the market. The whole team must be worthy in the task so that the product that has been put under manufacturing can take a complete form. The instructions should be clear, understanding and time saving.

The time is more important than the product manufacturing and it becomes more important to carry the full effort to make over the product in the required time frame. Keeping this in mind a high quality product can be expected.